Ubisoft is no stranger to having its services compromised as not only was the company’s controversial DRM hacked a few years ago, but its uPlay service was also the victim of hacking that gave unlimited access to all of its PC games. Ubisoft’s hacking problems have now turned to something its customers should be concerned about as the company has announced one of its websites have been hacked.

Ubisoft sent out a letter a moment ago vaguely detailing the hack, saying usernames, email addresses and passwords have been compromised. Ubisoft claims none of its users’ financial information was obtained, but has suggested users to change their passwords as soon as possible.

Ubisoft doesn’t specifically say which of its websites were exploited, but we think it’s a safe to believe the outcome has resulted in its uPlay service becoming compromised considering they’re requesting all of its users to change their passwords through the service. We also recommend you head over to Ubisoft’s site to change your password if you’ve ever played one of their games and have created a uPlay account, so take a moment out of your day and get that done ASAP before hackers gain any more of your information.

[Update: An Ubisoft representative contacted us to verify the attack did not originate from any uPlay services. Instead, the intrusion targeted some of Ubisoft’s internal online system. Regardless of what was targeted, we still think you should change your passwords immediately.]

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