Ah – another day, another video game digital platform hacked. This time, the platform that has been hacked is Ubisoft’s uPlay which has allowed hackers to access to the company’s complete line-up of PC games as well as titles that have yet to be released.

A Russian gaming forum shared the details of the newly discovered exploit which uses a tool that tricks Ubisoft’s uPlay platform into recognizing the user as a member who is authorized to play games they don’t own. This has resulted hackers to download copies of the yet-to-be-released Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon for free and without DRM. Because of this exploit, pirated copies of the game have been making their way to numerous Bittorrent tracking websites as well as video walkthroughs have been popping up on YouTube and other streaming-video sites.

Even though Ubisoft is currently working on patching this security hole in its uPlay, forum members have said this hole has been available for a number of weeks, allowing any user with knowledge of the exploit to download any game they want. As unfortunate as this lapse in Ubisoft’s security is, at least the hackers didn’t do anything to members of the service. All they did was potentially steal millions in potential revenue for Ubisoft, which can be seen as way more damaging depending on who you ask.

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