It’s been too long since there’s been an official game starring the Rabbids, which starred in a number of mini-game themed titles over the past couple of years. Nowadays, Rayman fans have been focusing on Ubisoft’s latest games, Rayman Origins and the upcoming Rayman Legends, so where exactly have the Rabbids been? Apparently, they’ve been busy creating their own TV show which is set to debut on Nickelodeon on August 3.

Rabbids Invasion will be airing on August 3 at 11:30 a.m. (ET/PT) and will include a total of 26 half-hour episodes that will follow the Rabbids as they make their way through the human world to discover, explore and often times, wreak havoc. We’re sure somewhere along their adventure, you’ll be hearing the Rabbids yelling as they typically tend to be shocked by nearly anything and everything they come across.

The premiere episode of Rabbids Invasion will include three mini episodes, the first of which is called “Omelet Party” and finds the Rabbids stumbling across a farm where they immediately become fascinated with the chickens’ ability to lay eggs.

Shortly after Rabbids Invasion airs on Nickelodeon, episodes will be made available to watch on iTunes, Amazon Instant Video Xbox Video, PlayStation Store, Samsung Media HUB and Vudu.

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