xbox-one-reputation-systemYou know what they say – birds of a feather will flock together, and the same can be said of gamers. After all, behind that digital facade too, is a human (although from time to time, there are bots used by cheaters), and humans tend to live an isolated life but for a while before they realize that no (wo)man is an island. The Xbox One reputation system will punish frequently reported players, but contributors (a nice word for those who love telling tales) will be rewarded by gaining a jump in their Reputation score. Depending on your Reputation score, you will be hooked up with others in the similar range when you play, so be nice to other gamers if you want to earn Xbox One brownie points!

As for gamers over in the Land of the Rising Sun, you will be able to enjoy the Xbox One reputation system later in 2014 simply because Japan has been lumped under “Tier 2” status by Microsoft. No surprise there, the Xbox had always found it difficult to break through into the Japanese market despite proving itself elsewhere over the years.

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