3D printing has taken some amazing steps over the past couple of months as it’s been used to save several lives, successfully recreate memorable video game characters and could potentially be used as a source of nutrition. But would you trust 3D-printed skateboard which can be used to carry you at a high rate of speed? Sam Abbott does and Sam Abbott did.

Abbott is a Dutch artist who created this 3D-printed skateboard which features a twin-tipped design that was too large for 3DprintUK’s 3D printer to create, although Abbott was able to successfully create it in three sections. The process required the deck to be assembled and joined together with numerous connector pins, which we hope are extremely secure considering how easy it is for a normal skateboard to break under extreme stress.

The underside of the skateboard features an interesting design as it looks like it has fused with hundreds of octopi considering how many suction cup-like areas there are on the skateboard. The end of the video shows a skateboarder riding on the freshly-3D printed skateboard, and best of all, it doesn’t completely crumble under his own weight. We guess we can consider this a job well done, then.

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