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Electric Skateboards Now Street Legal In California
It’s a big victory for folks who like electric skateboards, it really is, California Governor Jerry Brown has signed a bill aiming to make electric skateboards street legal into law. With this new piece of legislation coming into effect people in California will be able to ride a skateboard in all of the places where it’s legal to ride bicycles starting January 2016. Local community officials will be able to ban […]

Bolt Electric Skateboard Is A Breakthrough
Skateboards are pretty useful tools to bring you from one place to another – relatively near places, of course, in double quick time since the wheels will do the transporting, although you will first need to master the skateboard’s nuances so that you will be able to confidently move around in it. Knowing some tricks with a skateboard will also come in handy, as it might help you get out […]

Marbel Board Is Electric Powered
At first glance, I am quite sure that many of us would think of the Marbel Board as a regular skateboard, albeit coming in a slightly different design than what we are used to in comparison to the traditional form factor of the skateboard that you grew up with. In fact, there really isn’t anything in its appearance to suggest that this is an electric skateboard, but surprise, surprise, the […]

3D Printed Skateboard Is Sturdy Enough To Actually Ride
3D printing has taken some amazing steps over the past couple of months as it’s been used to save several lives, successfully recreate memorable video game characters and could potentially be used as a source of nutrition. But would you trust 3D-printed skateboard which can be used to carry you at a high rate of speed? Sam Abbott does and Sam Abbott did.Abbott is a Dutch artist who created this 3D-printed skateboard which […]


Trail Rider Gnarboard has super fast acceleration rate
Forget about Usain Bolt and his winning form that might just see him break the world 100m record yet again at this year’s Olympics – you might be able to be faster, although that would require you to be on board the Trail Rider from Gnarboards first. This is actually a 3,400 watt four wheel drive mode of urban transport which has a faster acceleration rate (up to a certain […]

ZBoard electric skateboard to get custom models
We talked about the ZBoard electric skateboard late last month, and here we are with additional information concerning this futuristic skateboard that will burn far less calories for you while getting you to your destination without having to break a sweat at times, literally. Originally introduced at CES 2012 and picking up the “DEMO God Award” at the 2012 VentureBeat Demo Conference which happened in early April, the ZBoard electric […]

Board of Imagination – a mind-controlled skateboard
Chaotic Moon Labs, the folks behind the Board of Awesomeness (a Kinect-powered skateboard that uses your hand as a steering wheel) have come up with a new skateboard. This time it’s called the Board of Imagination and takes steering the vehicle to a whole new level – it makes use of an Emotiv EPOC headset that reads your brainwaves to steer and move the board. All users have to do […]

Motorized Skateboard makes Tony Hawk cringe
Skateboard legend Tony Hawk would definitely not be too pleased with this Motorized Skateboard that was conjured by The Miters from MIT who recently paraded their invention at the World Maker Faire in New York. Of course, this is not ready to be ridden just yet using nothing but leg power, but will still require a remote control to get it going – something that Charles Guan (in the video […]

The Sbyke is a bicycle skateboard hybrid
If you’ve ever had problem balancing on a skateboard or a bicycle, it’s good to know that there’s a solution for you. And no, it’s not training wheels – but a bicycle skateboard hybrid called the Sbyke. This interesting vehicle has the front of a bicycle – the handle bars and front wheel, and the rear of a skateboard – a board for you to stand on and push off. […]

Vertrax skateboard comes with tread instead of wheels
Mention skateboard and what flashes across your mind? A board that has four wheels at the bottom, often associated with spills from daredevils who grind their way across a variety of public property. The Vertrax skateboard design by Bryson Lovett is different, since its wheels have been replaced by a tank-like tread which will help it glide on a whole lot of surfaces. This tracked skateboard will be silent in […]

Japanese Motorized Skateboard
Do you think that the Segway makes you look like a dork? Well, the folks over in Japan probably think so, if not why would they take the effort to come up with a motorized skateboard? Sure, you won’t be able compete in any X-games with this, but all you have to do is lean forward, and the skateboard will happily move along at a lightning pace of 6mph. Apparently […]

Fan Powered Skateboard
If you thought motor-powered skateboards wouldn’t work, you should check out the fan-powered skateboard by Chris Neal, who certainly looks like he started an engineering career young. His fan-powered skateboard was for his fourth-grade “Invention Convention”, and despite needing a little help with the construction, he managed to score a free MacBook Pro for this. In case you’re wondering how fast you can go, the answer is 3-5mph, which certainly […]