We’ve seen some impressive uses for 3D printing over the past couple of months, one of which really blew us away as it used human DNA found in public places to deliver a 3D printed portrait of the person. But one thing we’re sure you’ve been waiting for was the use of 3D printing to move onto food, potentially making it possible for you to print your own dinner.

NASA is planning to conduct some research into 3D printing of food, which will begin with 3D printed pizza, that they hope will evolve the future of food for not only its astronauts, but for the rest of the pizza lovers here on Earth. As of now, the concept wouldn’t actually print a full pizza as we’re sure you were thinking, but instead, to print out basic ingredients such as oils, water and carbohydrate powders. The cartridges that house the ingredients would have a shelf life of decades, which should give you more than enough time to actually learn how to cook a pizza.

As for the taste, we’re sure it’ll be terrible at first, but hey – it’s 3D printed pizza!

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