The legal battles these two companies fight are titanic to say the least. There are allegations and counter-allegations, lawsuits and counter-suits. Still, Samsung remains one of the biggest suppliers for Apple. Analysts claim that Apple wants to move its business away from Samsung, one would naturally think that, why would Apple want to put money in its adversary’s pockets. The reality seems to be different though. NPD DisplaySearch claims in a new report that Samsung is providing majority of the display panels for Apple, even though LG and Sharp are also in Apple’s display panel supply chain. This trend is expected to continue for the next generation iPad as well.

As per the report, Samsung provided some 2.3 million display panels in the first quarter in 2013. The second quarter saw an 80 percent increase in orders quarter-over-quarter, with Apple reportedly purchasing some 4.1 million units. Samsung is already being considered as one of the major suppliers for the next generation iPad as well as the second generation iPad mini, though it remains to be seen if the latter will get a Retina or non-retina display. One of the reasons cited for Apple’s increased dependence on Samsung for display panels is difficulty in procuring units from other suppliers.

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