htc-8x-gdr2-fixSometimes, being the first out of the blocks does not necessarily mean it is the best. After all, the hare did lose to the tortoise in the race, didn’t he? The HTC 8X was the first Windows Phone 8 device to pick up the GDR2 update, but it was a moment to forget since some of the HTC 8X owners actually reported that their smartphones started to lock up and end up as completely unresponsive once the update had been installed.


This particular freeze bug is said to be related to the music playing process in the handset itself. This particular process had turned some HTC 8X phones unusable whenever music is played, while other devices ended up as paperweights. For those who did not fall under this “curse” realized that the device itself became very slow, and as to how widespread these issues are, it has yet to be determined. One thing we do know is, there are folks affected in Poland and Australia, but those folks have been “set free” from the GDR2 update issues after picking up a new firmware update from HTC.

Well, we do hope that HTC will be able to roll out a similar update to other markets that carry the HTC 8X, the sooner, the better.

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