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No Windows 10 Mobile For The HTC 8X
The HTC 8X was launched in 2012 and was one of HTC’s efforts in creating a Windows Phone-powered handset. Safe to say that the handsets didn’t exactly catch on because since then, HTC has been rather mum with regards to their Windows Phone devices, and now we have some bad news to share.When asked by users if the HTC 8X could see an update to the latest Windows build for […]

HTC 8X Touted To Get Windows 10 Preview Access
It goes without saying that just about the entire range of Windows Phone 8 Lumia smartphones would play nice with the Preview version of the soon-to-come Windows 10 OS. In fact, there has been a number of folks who have already given the test builds a go, and the amount of feedback received by Microsoft would have gone some way in assisting them to shape what would eventually be the […]

Verizon HTC 8X Windows Phone 8.1 Update 1 Coming Today
Verizon HTC 8X owners have been waiting a long time for the Windows Phone 8.1 Update 1 to arrive on their devices. It was expected that the carrier will release this update late last year but it didn’t do that even after the first round of delays. Since then not much has been said about the status of this update for HTC 8X but that changes today. Verizon will be […]

Verizon HTC 8X Windows Phone 8.1 Update Gets Delayed - Again
Is it me or is there something that is not so right with the HTC 8X from Verizon Wireless? I am quite sure other owners of this Windows Phone powered smartphone would also resonate in a similar manner, after waiting so long for the Windows Phone 8.1 update to roll out for it, it has just been revealed that the seemingly elusive update is in for another round of delays. […]


Verizon HTC 8X To Get Windows 8.1 Update In Late October
Good things come to those who wait, and if you have been waiting for a particularly long time already while holding your HTC 8X in your hands, you will be pleased as punch to hear that HTC will be rolling out the Windows 8.1 update to the HTC 8X that rocks to Verizon’s network some time later in the month of October.

GDR3 Update For HTC 8X And 8XT Allows For Charging While Device Is Off
Just the other day it was reported that the AT&T HTC 8X received the Windows Phone GDR3 update, along with its international variant, as well as the HTC 8XT from Sprint. While the Windows Phone GDR3 update does bring about a host of new features and improvements, here’s one that we’re not sure if Windows Phone users might have missed. It seems that with the GDR3 update, HTC 8X and […]

AT&T HTC 8X Users Reportedly Receiving GDR3 Update
The Windows Phone GDR3 update has been slowly but surely making its way around the world and has been arriving on international versions of the HTC 8X handset. Well the good news is that if you’re an AT&T subscriber with the HTC 8X, you’re in luck because it seems that the update has begun to roll out for your device. Given that updates  usually need to be carrier-approved first before […]

Vodafone Australia HTC 8X Owners Will Skip GDR2 Update In Favor Of GDR3
While HTC 8X owners around the world are receiving their Windows Phone 8 GDR2 update, those living in Australia under Vodafone have not received the update, and it looks like they won’t be receiving it anytime soon. This definitely sounds like bad news for Australian HTC 8X owners, but the up side is that while they will not be receiving the GDR2 update, they will instead be getting the GDR3 […]

HTC 8X On T-Mobile Receiving Windows Phone GDR2 Update
Earlier this year it was expected that the HTC 8X on T-Mobile’s network would receive the Windows Phone GDR2 update come 22nd of July. Unfortunately the update did not fully materialize and it is possible that due to some complaints of users who did receive the update about how the phone became more unstable, that T-Mobile and HTC went back to the drawing board to clear up the issues before […]

Verizon's HTC 8X Could Be Getting Windows Phone GDR2 Update Soon
There have been reports of HTC 8X devices around the world getting the Windows Phone GDR2 update. However those in the US who bought the device on Verizon’s network are still waiting, but it looks like the wait could be over soon. This is thanks to the GDR2 support page going up on Verizon’s website which suggests that the update could be close at hand, although no specific dates were […]

Nokia Pro Camera App Gets Ported Onto The HTC 8X
Most Windows Phone devices on the surface appear to be pretty similar in terms of their software, but what sets manufacturers apart software-wise is how they have exclusive apps that are only available for a particular manufacturer’s range of devices. Well if you’re a HTC 8X user and you would love to get your hands on the Nokia Pro Camera app, which appears to be a Nokia-exclusive for now, you […]

HTC 8X On Receiving End Of New Update, Fixes GDR2 Lag Issues
Sometimes, being the first out of the blocks does not necessarily mean it is the best. After all, the hare did lose to the tortoise in the race, didn’t he? The HTC 8X was the first Windows Phone 8 device to pick up the GDR2 update, but it was a moment to forget since some of the HTC 8X owners actually reported that their smartphones started to lock up and […]

AT&T's HTC 8X Reportedly Receiving GDR2 Update
Good news HTC 8X owners, if you own the device on AT&T’s network and you’ve been waiting for the Windows Phone GDR2 update, well according to reports it seems that the update is now making its way onto HTC 8X devices. This is according to a WPCentral reader who claims that they have received the update on their AT&T branded handset which bumps his operating system up to version 8.0.10327.77, […]

HTC 8X Phones Run Into Issues With GDR2 Update
Do you remember on how we talked about the GDR2 update that was targeted for a 22nd July release on T-Mobile’s HTC 8X, as well as it being tested for T-Mobile’s Nokia Lumia 810? Well, it seems that there are some owners of the HTC 8X who have already applied the GDR2 update for Windows Phone 8, where they complained that their respective handsets froze – just as though Iceman […]

T-Mobile's HTC 8X Will Receive GDR2 Update 22nd July
While HTC might not be as gung-ho about Windows Phone compared to Nokia who have pretty much put all of their eggs into the Windows Phone basket, it does not mean that they have forgotten their Windows Phone customers, and if you’re a HTC 8X user on T-Mobile’s network, you might be pleased to learn that the carrier will be releasing the Windows Phone GDR2 update to HTC 8X owners […]

New Skype Windows Phone 8 App Update Brings HD Video Support
Skype has released a new Windows Phone 8 app update today. The new Skype for Windows Phone 8 version 2.4 brings HD video calling support for high end devices. These devices include the likes of Nokia Lumia 920, HTC 8X and the Samsung Ativ S. The HD video calling feature works on hardware acceleration on high end Windows Phone 8 devices, so low and mid range devices will be limited […]

T-Mobile Pushes Out Windows Phone 8 Portico For HTC 8X
If you happen to own the HTC 8X and are a subscriber of T-Mobile, then chances are pretty good that since 50 minutes or so ago, you might have noticed that the “Portico” update for Windows Phone 8 has just been pushed out. Earlier this morning, we reported that T-Mobile has pulled the plug on the Windows Phone 8 Portico update for the HTC 8X, and you could say that […]

T-Mobile pulls plug on HTC 8X Windows Phone update
We know that T-Mobile was supposed to roll out the Portico software update for the HTC 8X yesterday, but it seems that only hours before the update was scheduled to roll out that T-Mobile has decided to pull the plug at the very last minute. According to the T-Mobile rep who posted the statement on the carrier’s forums, the reason for the delay was because they wanted to “perform some […]

HTC 8X Receives First Windows Phone 8 OTA Update
Hmm, it seems that the very first Over The Air (OTA) update for Windows Phone 8 is being pushed out, and guess out of all the Windows Phone 8 smartphones out there in the market, which would be the one to be the proud recipient? It seems that HTC’s 8X (read our comprehensive review) has been the chosen one. This is a departure from previous modus operandi, where one would […]

HTC 8X Review
The HTC 8X is probably the most readily available Windows Phone 8 smartphone in the USA, and so far, it did not seem to suffer from any shortage. This smartphone is available on the T-Mobile, AT&T and Verizon networks in various colors: Red, Yellow, Blue and Black. These are the Windows Theme colors and so far, the public seems to be excited by the idea of getting a brightly colored […]