lenovo-startWhat is the most common perceived complaint from users when it comes to the Windows 8 operating system from Microsoft? Chances are pretty high that the missing Start button with its menu that users have been so used to all these years would be top on the list. The missing classic Start menu has made life difficult for those who have made the jump to Windows 8, and developers themselves have realized that they could help consumers lead a better “computing life” so to speak, by recreating the missing Start menu’s functionality. While most of these apps are free and available online, it might not be enough to keep users satisfied. This is where PC manufacturers themselves do their part to make the Start menu replacement all the more visible, and Lenovo intends to preload the ‘Sweetlab poki software’ on new Lenovo PCs which happen to ship worldwide.

This makes sense for Lenovo, since they are right now, the largest PC sellers around the globe. This particular move, however, could shock the folks over at Microsoft, since it shows that the manufacturer is far from happy with Windows 8. Hopefully the Sweetlab poki software will not slow down your computer by too much, and it remains to be seen whether users are willing to experience a performance hit in exchange for familiarity. Would you?

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