Windows users before Windows 8 was released this year have probably clicked on their “Start” buttons to raise up the Start menu probably over 100 times, but I could certainly be underestimating that a tad. With Windows 8, Microsoft did away with its Start menu, instead going for a more tablet-friendly operating system that is obviously geared more towards tablets and computers with touchscreens. As much as Microsoft deemed the Start menu dead, Windows users have been quite vocal about the change, which is why today’s news isn’t that surprising.


Windows 8 developers have created Start menu replacements, the most popular of the bunch being Pokki for Windows 8. In fact, they just announced they have achieved 500,000 registered users within the six weeks of Windows 8 being made available to the public. Not only that, but Stardock’s Start8 Start menu replacement application has sold tens of thousands of copies and 30 different Start menu replacements have been made available in only 30 days.

In addition to today’s news, Pokki put together an infographic that highlights just how much Windows users want their Start menu back in Windows 8, along with information regarding the top uses for the Start menu as well as how many times people open their Start menu a day. Let’s just say my previous claim of 100 times within the lifetime of Windows is definitely underestimating.

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