Skype logoIt does seem as though the world is moving towards a 3D environment where computers and consoles are concerned, but some like the recently announced Nintendo 2DS is taking a step back by doing away with 3D support. Skype, however, looks in the opposite direction by working on a possible 3D calling system, according to Mark Gillett, Microsoft’s corporate vice president for Skype.

This particular announcement from Mr. Gillett has arrived right before Skype celebrates its 10th anniversary today, and it could be a “gimmick” according to some, where they see this move as an attempt to ensure that consumers remain interested in their service, especially when consumers these days have a plethora of choices to pick from other than Skype to make highly affordable calls abroad. Mr. Gillett did warn that the technology to support 3D calling exists at the moment, but it will still require years before consumers can place 3D calls at their whim and fancy.

I would say that this has placed Skype in a very unique position – even if they do not manage to implement it successfully, it does not mean that they will falter down the road as a company on the whole. And if they happen to make 3D calls happen, then it could be huge as they pioneer yet another way to keep in touch with your loved ones across long distances.

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