dice-plusEarlier this year, we did talk about how DICE+ could eventually end up to be one of the more innovative controllers around, and we are pleased to announce that DICE+ is finally available as a retail unit. Developers would have gotten a closer look at DICE+ earlier this year since the developer’s kit for this special peripheral shipped already. Here is a little background on what DICE+ is all about – as its name suggests, the DICE+ happens to be a six-sided die that features an accelerometer, a magnetic field sensor, Bluetooth 2.1 and 4.0 compatibility, independent touch-sensitive faces, half a dozen LEDs which are capable of glowing in most colors imaginable, a battery life of 20 hours, a microUSB port that paves the way for you to juice it up, and a thermometer.

Phew! That is definitely a long list of features, don’t you think so? Not only that, it comes with a free app that can be found on the iOS app store which will play nice with the dice’s connectivity, alongside seven other games to help you get started and familiarized with it. The retail DICE+ kit will cost you $40, and it will come with a microUSB cable to boot. Any takers?

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