While microtransactions are a lucrative model for developers and publishers of video games to pursue, in recent times it seems that companies are starting to dial back on how aggressively they push the model. The good news for those who weren’t fans of the model is that it looks like Battlefield V will be somewhat free of them.


In a post on EA’s website, the company has detailed how its microtransaction system will work, where gamers will have two different types of in-game currency that they can earn. One of those is Company Coin which is earned purely from playing the game. This currency will be used for progressing in the game, such as unlocking weapon or vehicle specializations, as well as cosmetics.

The other will be Battlefield Currency which is bought using real-life money. However EA stresses that this currency is only used for cosmetic items, and that it won’t affect your gameplay at all if you choose not to spend any money on it. “Battlefield V will also have an optional currency known as Battlefield Currency, which is purchased with real-world money. Battlefield Currency can be used to acquire specific cosmetic items for your Company.”

EA also notes that Battlefield Currency will not be available at launch and that the reason for that is that they want players to gain more experience first, earn some Company Coin, before they introduce the currency.

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