xbox-360-dashboard-update-does-away-with-facebook-and-twitterIt was rather recent that we reported a slight easing of Iran’s government, as it seemed that both Facebook and Twitter services were made available in that part of the world, all without having to go through proxy sites and VPNs (Virtual Private Networks). This has led to plenty of new and old media alike to speculate whether this move on the quiet could usher in a new era of a more open Internet policy in Iran, especially after one takes into consideration the election of the new moderate President Hassan Rouhani. After all, Rouhani does have a Twitter account, while Iran’s Foreign Minister Javad Zarif has a Twitter account as well as a Facebook page.

Unfortunately, there was no official statements which were released from Iranian authorities concerning the lifting of restrictions on Facebook and Twitter. However, it must be noted that on Sunday itself, the head of Iran’s Security Forces did mention that Facebook will remain blocked. Perhaps the opportunity of accessing both Twitter and Facebook can be attributed to a technical issue rather than a policy change, as many folks in smaller cities claim that they can no longer access Facebook and Twitter. What do you think is up with Iran?

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