Gold iPad Mini Concept Brings iPhone 5S’ Fingerprint Sensor To The Tablet


For several months leading up to Apple’s iPhone 5S announcement, its gold variant was leaked quite a few times leading many to believe it was expected to be an actual product. After Apple made their iPhone 5S announcement, we learned the device would be made available in three separate colors, with one of them being gold. This lead some people to wonder what a gold iPad to look like, specifically the iPad Mini, and one of those people who wondered what it would look like is Apple concept artist Martin Hajek.

As you can see from the render Hajek created, the gold iPad Mini actually looks like a pretty sleek product as the lack of the iPhone 5S’ dual tone rear gives the gold a nice amount of coverage on the iPad Mini. Of course, Majek also updated the iPad Mini’s Home button to resemble the iPhone 5S’, which contains a fingerprint reader underneath of it as a way to strengthen the device’s security measures.

As with all concept renders, this is only Hajek’s idea of what a gold iPad Mini would look like and in no way indicates Apple’s future plans. Considering how great it looks, we certainly hope Apple would consider expanding the color options of its iPhone 5S to additional products, which we’ve already seen with its iPod line.

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