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Qualcomm 3D Sonic In-Screen Fingerprint Sensor In 2019 Devices
Qualcomm has announced its 3D Sonic In-Screen Fingerprint sensor at its Snapdragon Summit 2018. It is a bit of a re-branding of the Qualcomm Sense ID ultrasonic fingerprint reader we covered back in 2015. However, it seems now ready for prime time since partners will ship it in 2019 phones.

Alibaba To Use Facial Recognition For Authorizing Payments
Fingerprint sensors are increasingly being used in smartphones not only for access control but also for enabling payments authorization whether for physical products or online payments. Chinese ecommerce behemoth Alibaba also plans on using smartphones for this purpose but it’s taking a slightly different route. Alibaba plans to use facial recognition technology to let users authorize payments.

HTC And LG Expected To Use Sapphire In Next Year's Flagship Smartphones
This year we saw the trend of fingerprint scanners in smartphones pick up. It was rumored for months that the iPhone 5s would come with a fingerprint scanner, and it did. Then the HTC One Max was unveiled, which also had a similar scanner, albeit on the back. Even Samsung’s Galaxy Note 3 was rumored to have it, but that didn’t pan out. Rumor has it that a number of […]

HTC One Max May Include Fingerprint Scanner [Rumor]
When Apple introduced its iPhone 5S, they certainly made a bold statement by including a fingerprint scanner on their smartphone as a way to make it more secure from those who shouldn’t be using the device. Now it looks like other smartphone manufacturers might be following suit as HTC is rumored to be including a fingerprint scanner onto their HTC One Max.The rumor of the HTC One Max possibly featuring a […]


Gold iPad Mini Concept Brings iPhone 5S' Fingerprint Sensor To The Tablet
For several months leading up to Apple’s iPhone 5S announcement, its gold variant was leaked quite a few times leading many to believe it was expected to be an actual product. After Apple made their iPhone 5S announcement, we learned the device would be made available in three separate colors, with one of them being gold. This lead some people to wonder what a gold iPad to look like, specifically the […]

Purported iPhone 5S Box Shows Off Redesigned Home Button
In less than two days Apple will finally unveil everything about its upcoming iPhones. The event has already been scheduled and the press invites have already been sent. Nevertheless, the rumors and leaks won’t stop coming in until the official announcement is made. A couple of pictures of a purported iPhone 5S box have surfaced online. The box shows off a redesigned home button, which hints at the possibility of […]

iPhone 5S Fingerprint Sensor Hinted Again By Purported Flex Cable
Rumors about the iPhone 5S having a fingerprint sensor have been circulating for a long time, there hasn’t been a confirmation as yet. Apple is going to announce the new iPhone on September 10th, so we’ll know for sure then. A couple of days ago a purported home button flex cable believed to belong to the iPhone 5S was leaked. It showed off a square surface that isn’t present on […]