iPhone Dock Concept Turns Your Phone Into A Bedside Lamp


I personally don’t have a bedside lamp as my wife is the kind of person who likes to keep as much light out of the bedroom as possible. That means my usual pajamas completely covered in Christmas lights is not welcome in our bedroom, and neither is a lamp. But, if a lamp was welcome to my bedroom, I would certainly like it to use the power of my iPhone’s flash in order to illuminate whatever it is I need light for.

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Shay Alkalay and Yael Mer from Raw Edges Design Studio came up with a way to make our iPhones as more than just a bedside companion that sucks up energy from our wall outlets on a nightly basis. The two have created a number of concept docks that harnesses the power of your iPhone’s flash to be used as a bedside lamp, while it’s being charged of course.

The concepts were unveiled during London Design Week, which means they aren’y currently available for sale as no one has come forward and purchased the design for their own use. We’re sure the more people think this is a cool idea, like myself, the more likely it’ll become an actual product.

Read more about iPhone and lamp. Source: designboom

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