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Microsoft And Their Fatboy Lamp Concept
If there is one thing about concepts that should be admired, it would be this – they are more often than not attainable – although how far down the road in the future, that remains to be seen, and will most of the time offer a whole lot more convenience to the user than what the existing condition has.Having said that, Microsoft did reveal their cool looking DT-903 Wireless Charging […]

iPhone Dock Concept Turns Your Phone Into A Bedside Lamp
I personally don’t have a bedside lamp as my wife is the kind of person who likes to keep as much light out of the bedroom as possible. That means my usual pajamas completely covered in Christmas lights is not welcome in our bedroom, and neither is a lamp. But, if a lamp was welcome to my bedroom, I would certainly like it to use the power of my iPhone’s […]

Clyde LED Desk Lamp Powered By Arduino
Is there nothing that the Arduino chipset cannot do? I guess if you were to answer the question on a purely technical basis, it should not be too difficult to do so, but just to get an idea on how flexible Arduino can be, how about controlling lamps in your home using it? A Canadian design company known as Fabule has come up with their latest “baby” known as Clyde, […]

Satechi's Touch USB LED Lamp Illuminates Your Empty Bottles
As I sit here at my desk, I see there are currently four empty bottles just sitting there, doing nothing to better themselves for the sake of our society. But if I had $25 to burn, I could magically turn these empty bottles into USB-powered LED lamps.Satechi has a new product called the Touch USB LED Lamp and what it does is basically what I described a moment ago. It […]


Sound-Absorbing Lamp Will Help Silence Your Home While Lighting It Up
Getting a moment’s peace and quiet can be a daunting task depending on a number of factors such as how many people live with you, the location of your home and if your neighbors enjoy playing music a little too loud at all hours of the day and night. But if you happen to find yourself underneath Monica Armani’s Silenzio lamp, then you’ll be complaining less about how loud the […]

3D Printed GlaDOS Arm Lamp May Or May Not Kill You As You Sleep
3D printed items have become increasingly popular over the past couple of months as we recently have seen 3D printed guns, gummy versions of yourself and even a 3D printed skull implant. Today’s 3D printed item not only could be considered ridiculously cool for a large number of gamers, but it also doubles as a source of light, making it a complete necessity in your home.A 3D printed version of Portal’s GlaDOS as […]

Good Night Lamp Is Connected To The Internet
So we have a smart home that is hooked up to the Internet, while there are also smart refrigerators as well as Smart TVs by different manufacturers which basically have one thing in common – they cannot live without the Internet, and I am starting to suspect that regular human beings, too, would find life less than ideal if they were to be deprived of their Internet connection. Well,the Good […]

bitplay BANG! lamp "shoots" itself on and off
Now here is a lamp that you might want to consider getting to spruce up that rather drab living room of yours. Basically, this bitplay BANG! lamp  might look rather ordinary at first glance, but upon closer inspection, you would realize that it comes with a “gun”, so to speak, that you use to “shoot” at the lamp in order to turn it on and off. Sporting designer quality finishing […]

SM-1 project churns out Ikea Robot Lamp
Do you remember the iconic Pixar lamp that jumped on the letter “P”, stomping it to oblivion before turning its head towards you, the audience? Well, it seems that this lamp has inspired someone to make use of the arcane knowledge of DIY in order to fashion what is dubbed the SM-1 – or if you want to be a little bit less formal, the Ikea Robot Lamp. Yes sir, […]

Evul Todai Lamp premium relaxation light
There is just something which is extremely soothing about a lamp, especially when you want some soft mood lighting – and the Evul Todai Lamp delivers just that if you happen to reside in the Land of the Rising Sun. Touted to be a “premium relaxation light”, the Evul Todai Lamp will merge the schools of color and aroma therapies, where the lamp itself is shaped after a lighthouse (behaving […]

Gem Hsin Topaz USB desk lamps are elegant
Looking for a desk lamp to place next to your computer but you’re out of power sockets to plug it in? Thanks to the inventor of the USB port, that’s not going to be a problem. These versatile ports can be used to plug in peripheral devices to your computer as well as accessories such as thumb drives or even phone chargers to keep your phones charged. And yes, USB […]

Toshiba limited edition OLED lamp not for sale
Toshiba has come up with a special OLED lamp designed for emergencies like the quake-stricken areas of Japan. Powered by four AAA batteries or a rechargeable pack that can be changed by solar or USB, it produces 53 lumens of light at 100% and can last two hours on the AAA batteries, twenty if you lower the brightness, and even more is you use the battery pack. Here is where […]

TakaraTomy Totoro Motion Detector Table Lamp
TakaraTomy is a name that is synonymous with fun peripherals and toys from the Land of the Rising Sun, and their latest release would be the Totoro Motion Detector Table Lamp that is quite self-explanatory when you think about it. What the TakaraTomy Totoro Motion Detector Table Lamp does well would be cute – and when we say cute, we mean very, very cute – at least for those who […]

LED Hat Clip On Lamp lets you see in the dark
When you’re out camping and you haven’t settled down to rest in the middle of the night while still in the woods, you might need a little light to guide your way in the even the sky isn’t bright enough. And while you can hold a torch to guide the way, what do you do when your hands are full? Introducing the 5 LED Hat Clip On Lamp. Powered by […]

Make your room look like the night sky with moon and star shaped light bulbs
If you’re bored of regular-shaped light bulbs adorning the walls or ceiling of your room, this designer clip-on lamp from Veilleuse d’Orient might be right up your alley. Instead of a the usual, boring light bulb shape you’ve come to know from light bulbs you’ve seen before, the clip-on lamp features a light with a custom-designed filament of a crescent-shaped moon with a star attached. Probably not very practical if […]

Kelty LumaTwist and LumaPivot camping lamps
Kelty’s latest additions to avid campers come in the form of the LumaTwist and LumaPivot camping lamps, where both of them are highly versatile to make sure your next trip to the great outdoors will not come up short – at least not in the lamp department. Forget about the traditional camping lamp designs – the Kelty LumaTwist and LumaPivot that you see above are fully adjustable, letting them bend […]

FlapFlap floating floor lamp scares visitors
If you’re a fan of lamps that look like they’re falling off the table to give your room visitors a scare, you’re going to love the FlapFlap floor lamp. This specially designed lamp from Büro für Form in Germany is one heck of an eye-catcher. This FlapFlap appears to defy gravity at all times due to its reinforced “cable” which is actually a stand that rises up from the ground. […]

Roly-Poly 2 Lamp concept rocks your living room
If you’re one who loves multi-functionality in your devices, chances are you’re carrying a smartphone in your pocket right now, while fiddling with the idea of purchasing a Swiss Army Knife as well. Well, there is the Roly-Poly 2 Lamp concept that might just find a place in your living room if it were to be manufactured, where this model will sway with equal spring similar to its predecessor, although […]

Sonelis Greendix Lumileaf solar LED desk lamp
What better way to use solar power than to power lights that work at night? The folks over at Sonelis Technologies, a custom solar panel supplier has just introduced Greendix’s nature inspired Lumileaf solar LED desk lamp. Featuring an elegant looking leaf-design solar panel, with 6 LEDs that provide ample light for any situation, the Lumileaf lamp is on gorgeous looking device. It features a built-in 1800mA NiMH battery, has […]

A lamp that doesn’t run on electricity
In case you didn’t already know, going green is the way to go and it never gets old. So whenever we hear about a new device or technology that actually helps with the environment, we’ll be glad to cover it. However, even if a device does help make the world a better place, it should be somewhat useful, and unfortunately, the Pure Sun is not one of them. Designed by […]