Japan-Made ‘Rhinoceros Beetle’ Tank

japan-beetle-tankThere are definitely defining moments in a man’s life where he needs a dream to chase, and building a ‘tank’ could be one of them for those of you who are pretty handy with your hands, and are equipped with the technical know how, of course. It was 15 years ago when a certain Hitoshi Takahashi chatted with his wife, telling her that he had a dream of building a ride which resembled the Japanese rhinoceros beetle, or otherwise known as the Kabutomushi. His wife agreed with the (now) immortal words, “Oh, that sounds interesting, so make it. You could probably ride it to take out the trash.”

Three builds later after 11 years later, Takahashi has finally realized his dream with the completed the Kabutom RX-03, back in 2009. The Kabutom RX-03 has enough room to ferry half a dozen adult passengers within, and does more than just take out the trash. It runs on a diesel engine, and will ‘walks’ on six actuated legs with the ability to raise and lower its massive head. In order to add a greater level of special effects, it will be able to breathe smoke while pumping out its theme music for all and sundry to be impressed with.

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