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Mac Mini Prices Increased In Some Countries

screen shot 2013 09 25 at 7 00 20 pmIt seems that after introducing the new iMac with refreshed hardware the other day, Apple also made some quiet changes to the prices of their Mac mini computers for some countries, and not necessarily for the better either. The regions affected by the price increase include countries such as Australia, Brazil, Portugal, and Malaysia. For example over in Australia and prior to the prices being increased, the Mac mini was priced at A$699 and A$899 for the standard models, while the Mac mini Server was priced at A$1,099. Now after the price increase, customers in Australia can now look forward to paying A$749 and A$999 for the standard models, while the server version will set them back A$1,249, all of which are pretty substantial increases in price.

It is unclear as to why Apple raised the prices for those regions, although it is likely that this is due to the currency fluctuations, but whatever the reason is, we’re pretty sure that customers won’t be too thrilled by it. As it stands the Australian government has questioned companies such as Apple and Adobe as to why prices for their products in their country are more expensive, even when converted back to USD, and we’re sure with this price increase, consumer watchdogs will probably have something to say about it as well.

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