Ahead of Apple’s Peek Performance event, there were rumors that a redesigned Mac mini could be announced. Instead, Apple introduced the Mac Studio, a larger, more powerful, and more expensive take on the Mac mini.

For those who don’t need all that power and want a regular Mac mini, last we heard it will only be arriving in 2023, and unfortunately it seems that the computer will continue to use the same design as its predecessors. This is according to a tweet by analyst Ming-Chi Kuo who believes that Apple will continue to use the same form factor.

The Mac mini’s design has been kept largely the same over the years with some slight changes here and there, but for the most part it is still very recognizable. To be fair, Apple did design it to be a small form factor computer that sits quietly on your desk, or in some cases, some users actually mount it underneath their tables.

Also, the Mac Studio’s design itself isn’t that different from the Mac mini, apart from it being slightly taller and heavier, so it’s not necessarily a good indication of a potential future design of the Mac mini. We’re sure some users would have loved to see a new design, especially with the iMac and MacBook Pros undergoing their own revamps, but if Kuo’s claims are accurate, and they usually are, then this might be disappointing news for some.

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