Apple Debuts A New Redesigned Online Refurbished Store

Apple’s products have never been referred to as cheap. However if for whatever reason you must own an Apple product, then chances are you might already be familiar with the fact that Apple sells refurbished products on its website. In fact the company has recently launched a redesigned online refurbished store.

Luna Turns Your iPad Pro Into A Display For The Mac Mini

One of the upsides of the Mac Mini is that it is small and portable which means that placing it anywhere in your home is possible, as long as you have a display that you can attach to it (along with a keyboard and mouse). However if you’d rather not get a separate display, it seems that the folks at Luna Display have stumbled upon a pretty cool alternative.

2018 Mac Mini Teardown Shows How Repairable It Is

Apple’s computers haven’t exactly been known to be repair-friendly. This is one of the company’s main criticisms as Apple’s official repairs tend to be pretty expensive. However in the case of Apple’s newly-launched Mac Mini, it turns out that it isn’t as hard to fix compared to some of the company’s other computers.

Maxing Out Apple’s New iPads, MacBook Airs, Mac Minis Will Cost A Lot

Earlier today, Apple introduced a new iPad Pro, a new Mac Mini, and a refreshed and redesigned MacBook Air. For the most part the new products don’t go too crazy in terms of their new pricing, but in case you do want to go all out in terms of maxing out the specs and storage, it seems that it will not come cheap.


Over 100 Million Macs Are Now In Use

Apple conducted an event today for its new Macs and iPads in New York. Aside from unveiling the products, it also provided some numbers about how the Mac has been doing. Apple CEO Tim Cook revealed during the event that there are more than 100 million Macs now in use across the globe.

Apple’s Mac Mini Finally Gets Its Long Awaited Update

The Mac Mini was last refreshed back in 2014, meaning that it has been nearly five years since the device was refreshed and updated. There have been rumors that Apple was planning to revive the computer, and sure enough at the company’s event today, the Cupertino company has finally refreshed its Mac Mini lineup.

Apple Could Announce Four New Mac Computers Next Week

Apple has confirmed that come 30th October, they will be hosting an event. The company has not confirmed what the event will be about, but it has been largely speculated that the event would most likely see Apple announce new iPads, but now there is more evidence that could indicate that we might see new Mac computers as well.

A Mac Mini Pro Could Be Launching This Year

As far as Apple’s professional computers are concerned, it has largely been about the Mac Pro and MacBook Pro, but Apple expanded on that when they launched the iMac Pro, and now it looks like we could be getting a pro-focused Mac mini this year as well. This is according to a report from Bloomberg who claims that a Mac mini Pro could be launching this year.

Apple Expected To Release Mac mini Update This Year

Apple is expected to launch a handful of new products in the coming months. The new iPads with Face ID are at the top of the list alongside three new iPhone models. A new Apple Watch might possibly on the list as well. A well known Apple analyst now predicts that the company could release the much awaited update for the Mac mini this year as well.

Tim Cook Says Mac Mini Is An ‘Important Part’ Of Apple’s Lineup

Nobody is going to hold a grudge against you if you forgot about the Mac mini. Apple hasn’t updated this product in over three years but it seems that the company isn’t pulling the plug on the Mac mini just yet. In response to a query about the Mac mini’s future, Apple CEO Tim Cook said that it remains an “important part” of Apple’s product lineup.

Apple Not Discontinuing Mac Mini

It has been a while since Apple talked about the Mac mini. The company has been quiet about this product for so long that many had started thinking that perhaps Apple was going to discontinue it. However, that’s not going to be the case. Apple’s senior vice president of worldwide marketing Phil Schiller has confirmed today that the Mac mini remains an “important” product for the company which essentially means […]

Some MacBook Pro Models To Become Obsolete Next Month

If you have been holding onto your MacBook Pro laptop from years ago, you might be interested to learn that Apple will be making some older MacBook Pro models obsolete next month, at least that’s according to a report from 9to5Mac in which we can expect two models from 2011 to be added to that list, along with some older MacBook and Mac Mini computers.

2TB Mac Mini Makes Its Return To The Apple Store

Back in October 2014, Apple finally released an updated version of their Mac mini computer. However apart from the slight upgrades, there was one thing missing and that was customers weren’t able to select a 2TB storage option. A 1TB storage option was the highest it could go, which meant that customers would have to resort to external HDDs or flash drives to store their files if they went over […]

Mac Mini Gets The iFixit Teardown, Found To Be Harder To Repair

According to a report from the other day, it was suggested that the newly announced Mac mini, unlike its predecessors, would have its RAM soldered to the computer. This means that if you wanted to upgrade your Mac mini with more RAM, you’ll have to do it via Apple’s online store where it would no doubt cost you more than it would outside.If you were hoping that wasn’t true, you […]