Marines Website Hacked By Syrian Electronic Army


The Syrian Electronic Army has struck again. It has been been in the news numerous times over the past few months as it took down various high profile Twitter accounts, such as those belonging to the Associated Press, Thomson Reuters and CBS. It also claimed to have hacked into Viber’s database. Today the SEA hacked and defaced the website. It left a message for US Marines, “refuse your orders,” it said as speculation about possible U.S. military intervention against Syria mounts.

It has been acknowledged in a statement that the Marines website had suffered an attack, but it is said that “the site itself was not hacked.” The statement released claims that visitors were actually redirected away from the real website. The website is now operating normally and the Marines are keeping an eye out to prevent any further attacks. The attack might have been provoked by the positioning of a U.S. Navy ship carrying Marines in the Eastern Mediterranean, however U.S. officials say that Marines won’t be inserted into Syria if the country goes ahead with military intervention. The message that was left behind contains pictures of people wearing U.S. military uniforms, holding up signs in front of their faces, venting dissent. [Image via WSJ]

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