The Syrian Electronic Army has claimed responsibility for a number of high profile hacks in the past. They were able to commandeer Twitter accounts of the Associated Press, BBC, CBS and other news outlets. They have also been involved in the hacking of numerous news and company websites. Their latest victim is Viber, a popular cross platform messaging service. Viber’s website was defaced and the Syrian Electronic Army also claimed to have accessed its database, though Viber says that sensitive user data has not fallen in to their hands.

On Tuesday the SEA tweeted that they advised everyone who had the Viber app installed to delete it, they openly claimed responsibility for the attack on Viber. The support page on Viber’s website displayed a banner saying that it had been “Hacked by Syrian Electronic Army.” Viber said that this breach happened after an employee fell victim to an email phishing attack, this has been the MO of SEA in the past as well. According to them, the attack allowed access to a customer support panel and a support administration system, the leaked data was posted on the defaced page. The data included country names from where users’ registered from, device type, push tokens and internal IDs. Viber says that it is working to make sure that this doesn’t happen again.

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