Thomson Reuters is a well known and respected media firm. Unfortunately, they too have been victim of a cyberattack. Over the past few months Twitter accounts of various media outlets have been hacked, including that of the Associated Press. On Monday, the Thomson Reuters Twitter account was suspended after it had been hacked and a series of tweets containing political cartoons were posted. It is believed that the notorious Syrian Electronic Army is behind this hack.

The SEA was in the news just last week, after it hacked Viber’s database and defaced their website. They have been involved in hacking Twitter accounts of prominent media outlets in the past as well. However, their own Twitter feed doesn’t mention that they hacked @thomsonreuters, its unorthodox because the SEA takes to its Twitter feed to let everyone who what activity they’ve successfully completed. As of now the Thomson Reuters account stands suspended, a company spokesperson has said that they are investigating the hack. SEA’s MO includes widespread phishing attacks through e-mail, it is likely that someone at Thomson Reuters accidentally fell victim to an e-mail phishing attack.

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