syeThe Syrian Electronic Army has certainly carved quite a name for themselves by now, claiming a fair number of high profile scalps just this year alone. Well, their latest “victim” would be the most recent plaything of Amazon founder Jeff Bezos, as we have learned that the Washington Post’s website has been hacked, and a select bunch of users who tried to access its stories have been redirected to the page of Syrian Electronic Army. The Syrian Electronic Army’s political stance is pretty much set – this particular group provides full backing to Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, and the Washington Post is currently working to ensure that their site is fixed as soon as possible, without listing out just which article pages will point to the Syrian Electronic Army.


As mentioned earlier, there were several high profile targets that were hit by the Syrian Electronic Army earlier this year, and some of them do share one thing in common – they are news organizations. For instance, this April the Syrian Electronic Army claimed to have infiltrated the Associated Press’ Twitter account, posting an erroneous message that Olympus has fallen – nay, the White House had been bombed. Not only that, the Financial Times was also hacked not long after that. This just makes us wonder who is next in line, if any.

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