We know how important it is to have nearly every device in your living room connected to the Internet so you can stream video from a number of different content providers, but one thing people take for granted is how difficult it is for some of these devices to recommend content based on a variety of options. Netflix, YouTube and even video game consoles all have recommendation systems to place content available on their platform directly in front of those who would enjoy it. Microsoft is taking its Xbox Video recommendations a step in the right direction as the company is announcing a multi-year deal with Jinni in order to enhance the feature on the Xbox platform.

Jinni’s engine is expected to improve Xbox recommendations by utilizing its “deep knowledge” of every show and movie available on the Xbox Video catalog. Jinni has already been tapped to help improve experiences across a number of platforms, including Time Warner and Vudu. The combination of Jinni’s engine and Microsoft’s “Conversational Understanding” has left Xbox general manager Dave Alles excited at the prospect, so if you notice content recommendations has improved while on your Xbox 360 or Xbox One, be sure to think of this story.

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