new-bing-logoMicrosoft continues the good fight where search engines are concerned, and it does not seem as though they are going to be able to overtake the king of the hill at the moment (and has been that way for quite some time already), Google. Still, this does not mean that Microsoft is just going to sit back and not do anything. No sir, apart from introducing new changes that will hopefully bridge the gap with the market leader, Microsoft has also decided to freshen things up a bit by introducing a new logo.

Other than the external cosmetic changes, however, would lie the more important search algorithm as well as the ability to perform searches in a far more efficient manner. For starters, there are improved “Snapshot” cards which will hopefully be able to fill in what you want to know about a particular person, destination, or item before a single search result is clicked. It is somewhat similar to Google’s cards, where it features a quick index of information. Not only that, “Page Zero” results also has auto-fill that will work as you search a query. All in all, do you like what Microsoft has done with its new Bing logo? [Press Release]

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