stemOne great thing about sites like Kickstarter is this, you can more or less gauge its “success” even before the actual deal is manufactured, since the number of backers who put money on where their mouths are certainly depict their unwavering faith in a particular project. Sometimes, when they have hit their financial goal but the money continues to pour in, it is then time to introduce the idea of stretch goals. Sixense has already had its fair share of public support (read: money) to get started, but now they have announced a totally new stretch goal – support for Android as well as iOS platforms that will feature its future STEM System wireless motion tracking platform.

Apart from mobile platform support, it will also be able to power up the STEM System’s modular motion trackers. Take for instance, virtual and augmented reality applications which could be able to transform your mobile device into a VR head-mounted display or virtual camera. The STEM System will also pave the way for a pair of motion controllers o work with Android consoles. This updated Sixense software development kit (SDK) will only run on Android 3.2 or higher and iOS 6 or higher platforms. [Kickstarter Page]

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