sony-nszThere is word going around that Sony could very well unveil their very own Google Chromecast rival device – at least if one were to infer to some of the documents and photos released by the FCC. These images do point to a dongle with the model number NSZ-GU1, and it also carries the words “Internet Player”. The Sony branded dongle itself seems to come with with an HDMI-in port and MHL-out (720p video), where those will be accompanied by an IR Blaster sensor and a ‘Connect’ button.

The Sony device will be manufactured by the good people over at ODM Wistron, and the revealed specifications sheet also showed off the presence of a Marvell DE3108 SoC, 8GB of flash memory, 1GB of RAM, 802.11b/g/n Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 3.0 connectivity. Not only that, it does seem as though the dongle itself will be powered from a television’s USB connection. It remains to be seen whether the NSZ-GU1’s functions will be exactly the same as that of the Google Chromecast, or will it be used to mirror a mobile device, but only time will tell. We expect to check out this particular device from Sony at IFA 2013 later this week, considering how the confidentiality request has already expired on August 29th.

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