bitlockThere are cars that have keyless locks in the sense that all the user needs to do is get close to the car, and the vehicle will be able to detect the key in your pocket and unlock the door. This is incredibly handy late at night or when your hands are full and you don’t really wan to dig around your bag or pockets for your keys. Well it looks like a similar solution will be making its way onto bike locks in the future, thanks to the BitLock project which calls itself the world’s first keyless bike lock.

BitLock basically works the same way as keyless car locks that we mentioned earlier. One you are near your bike, about 3 feet away, the proximity sensor will detect your presence and together with a paired smartphone (iOS and Android), all you will have to do is press a button on your smartphone to unlock the lock on your bike. According to its creators, BitLock will have a 5 year battery lifespan and will be good for 10,000 lock/unlock operations. There will also be a way to manually unlock your bike via a 16-digit binary code in the event that your smartphone runs out of battery or if the lock fails.

To top it off, BitLock will also come with other features such as Locate which lets you track where you parked your bike. It will also allow users to share the lock with their friends in the event that a friend needs to borrow your bike. It will also come with an activity monitor which records how many miles you’ve cycled, how many calories have been burnt, and etc.  BitLock is currently a Kickstarter project seeking funding so if you like what you’ve heard, head on over to pledge a donation or to check it out in detail.

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