We’re sure you’ve stumbled onto some interesting things while randomly browsing Google Maps right before your bed time, such as the Tardis Easter Egg. that was discovered just this past summer. But for a newly-constructed Christian Science church, Google Maps helped them discover what a jerk their architect probably was.

A new Christian Science church popped up in Dixon, Illinois recently, which we’re sure is quite lovely on the ground as you wouldn’t think twice of the building’s shape while you’re on the ground. On the other hand, thanks to Google Maps, we can see the church’s architect may have had a secret obsession with all things phallic as viewing the building from the sky reveals its true nature. As you can see from the image above, the Christian Science church is a dead ringer for a penis. The church’s slogan, “Rising up,” is even a bit questionable.

Hopefully the church folk who visit the Christian Science church over in Dixon don’t have Internet, or else they could be in for a rude awakening to see what their church resembles. Although on the other hand, the attendance of perverts could certainly skyrocket due to this discovery. What ever gets those rumps in the church’s seats, we guess.

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