macprogpuApple’s new Mac Pro has yet to be released, but it is expected to make its way into the eager hands of Apple users by the end of the year. The basic model will feature dual AMD FirePro D300 GPUs, while the higher-end model will pack AMD FirePro D700 GPUs. While we have yet to find out how well these GPUs perform in real life, we’re sure there are some users out there who might not exactly be pleased with Apple’s choice of GPU and are wondering if it is possible to replace them in the event that they want to upgrade them or if they need to be taken out to be fixed. Well it turns out that the GPUs on the upcoming Mac Pro could be user-replaceable, according to a report by French website Mac4Ever.

According to the Google Translated post, “According to our information, it is possible to change the graphics card in this machine. In fact, the GPU is placed on a daughter card, it is possible to remove and thus replace. As you might expect, Apple uses a proprietary connector (as is the case for SSD array present on the rest of the range). But nothing prevents, on paper, a manufacturer decides to offer compatible models on the market.” However it should be noted that while this is possible, replacing it with a non-Apple approved part could affect product warranty, but for those who are more concerned about customizability and performance, this could be good news for you guys.

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