Nintendo has had quite the rocky start for its Wii U, although its Nintendo 3DS handheld is certainly at its prime now that Pokemon X and Pokemon Y have been released. Nintendo has always been a pioneer in its first-party published games as they have such iconic characters as Mario, Link and Pikachu, which is why it isn’t completely surprising to learn the Windows 8 app store is currently littered with complete rip-offs of Nintendo’s games.

A number of publishers have released rip-off games based on Nintendo’s intellectual properties, such as Yoshijump, Mario Jump, Pokemon Attack, Slap the Yoshi and Bowser Town Defense. Yoshijump, in particular, seems to be the most popular game out of all of the rip-offs considering it has nearly as many downloads as PopCap Games’ Bejweled Live. What makes the game so popular is probably due to its one button controls that have players ordering Yoshi to jump when they deem it necessary.

At least these games are currently available on the Windows 8 app store for the extremely low price of free, but who knows what the real purpose of releasing these games are. Hopefully you don’t find yourself wanting to download any of these games, and instead, playing Nintendo games on Nintendo manufactured consoles instead.

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