twitter-vine-wp8It was sometime earlier this week when there was an update released for the official Twitter app on the Windows Phone 8 platform, which brought along with it a bunch of features. It seems that we might have received more than what we bargained for, as it has been speculated that Twitter could very well have unveiled something extra that it wanted to keep under wraps originally – and we are referring to an official Vine video clip app for Microsoft’s Windows Phone 8 OS.

In Twitter’s blog post, there was an image that pointed to a Vine Live title in the Windows Phone 8 render, and I suppose this “mistake” was discovered in the nick of time, since Twitter did take steps to rectify that by removing the image from the blog post, but the Internet has a memory now, with a quick search of Google’s web search cache pointing out to the existence of such an image. Not only that, a similar image has also made an appearance over on Windows Phone Store Twitter pages that are in other countries. I suppose this means that the official Vine app for Windows Phone 8 is ready to rock and roll, and all we need to do now is wait for an official announcement for things to move along officially.

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