Vine is a service that Twitter launched on iOS back in January, it lets users capture and share six second video clips. In April the service was finally opened up for Android users. Currently Vine is available on both big platforms, but what about the underdogs like BlackBerry or Windows Phone? Well, one of them is going to get an official app soon. It has been announced today by Nokia, at its Lumia 1020 event, that the official Vine app for Windows Phone 8 is coming soon. Twitter itself has also confirmed that the service will be opened up for WP8 in the near future.

A couple of months back an unofficial Vine app for Windows Phone 8 caught our eye, the developer said it took him nine hours to code it. The app surfaced before it was even known that a Vine for WP8 app was in the works. Microsoft’s mobile platform is actually going to be getting a couple of other well known apps as well, Path and Flipboard to be precise. It was also announced today that Windows Phone Store now houses over 165,000 apps.

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