10-Year Old Faces Felony Charges After Spending $800 On Minecraft Using His Grandmother’s Credit Card

minecraftIn the past we have heard a story of how a father in the UK, a police officer, reported his son to the authorities over in-app purchases made on iTunes which racked up a pretty hefty bill. This was not done to scare the kid, but rather to get the credit card company to return the funds as a police report had been made. However it seems that in the US, it is an entirely different story as a 10-year old boy faces a felony charge after spending $800 on Minecraft. First of all we’re not sure how one even spends that much in game like Minecraft, and secondly a felony charge for a 10-year old boy? That doesn’t seem too right, does it?

Apparently the boy had used his grandmother’s card without her knowledge and when she noticed the discrepancy, she phoned the bank to report the suspicious activity. At this point we’re not sure if she knew it was her grandson, but the bank basically told her to file a police report, after which they would cancel the charges, which she did and ultimately landed her own grandson into a pile of legal mess. The case has since been referred to prosecutors with the child under suspicion of felony theft. What do you guys think? Doesn’t really seem right, does it?

Read more about Legal and Minecraft. Source: kotaku.au

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