bioware-replicaThe folks over at BioWare have just unveiled the Sovereign replica statue, where it will be accompanied by a $350 price point, offering the baddies of the Mass Effect to receive some attention from the masses. Let us backtrack for a little bit – the Sovereign happens to be the Reaper that started everything right from the very beginning, where it measures in at 18.5″ and is most probably made out of some sort of plastic.

$350 sure sounds like a whole lot of money to spend for a replica statue, but one should never underestimate just what kind of fervency that a fan has when it comes to acquiring anything and everything that has to do with one’s favorite game. What makes the Sovereign replica statue special is the fact that it will also be accompanied by a code which will unlock something on BioWare Social.

It is best described this way, “Sized at an astounding 18.5″ tall, Sovereign is the flagship of the rogue Spectre Saren Arterius. An enormous, sentient dreadnought larger than any ship in any known fleet, Sovereign’s original construction hints at a mysterious and alien origin.” There will only be a thousand of these puppies rolling off the production line, so do expect these to sell out pretty fast. [Product Page]

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