xbox-controllerThe Microsoft Xbox One controller looks pretty decent, and personally I enjoy the more vibrant lettering on the action buttons, but for those who feel that perhaps the controller could use more variety in terms of colors, you’re in luck because Evil Controllers have unveiled a series of Xbox One controllers that might just be worth spending extra money on.

As you can see in the image above, Evil Controllers has given the Xbox One controllers a makeover in the paint department. These are more or less the same controllers as the official ones, just available in different color schemes, and for those interested, it will come with patterned designs as well (check out the gallery below for some examples). They look pretty awesome; in fact the orange controller (pictured above) looks like it would go great with a Lamborghini sports car.

Unfortunately these controllers are a tad pricey and you would be looking at $89.99 for the solid color option, and $109.99 for the patterned version, both of which have been discounted as a launch price special. For more info, hit up Evil Controllers’ website for the details.

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