Christmas might be a little over a month away, but for a few people, it definitely came early. As many as three people received the Xbox One units they had pre-ordered ahead of the launch on November 22nd. At least two of these units were shipped out ahead of time by Target. One unit even made it online on eBay and started raking in the bids before the seller yanked the listing for some unknown reason. Screenshots of the Xbox One dashboard have already emerged and now we also know how much the day-one patch weighs, its a 500MB download according to @moonlightswami, who was one of the lucky few to receive the Xbox One. He also claims that the Xbox One takes 17 seconds to boot up.

As word broke that several consoles had been shipped, Microsoft blocked those consoles after a short while. Major Nelson confirmed on Twitter that the ban is not permanent. A spokesperson for Microsoft also confirmed to The Verge that these consoles are going to be “restricted” from connecting to Xbox Live until “closer to our launch date.” The company says that it has put these restrictions in place as it is still putting “finishing touches” on games, online services and the user interface. [Images via @moonlightswami]

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