As gamers might recall, it was only just before the Xbox One was scheduled for released that we started hearing complaints from some gamers on how their Xbox One’s Blu-Ray disc driver started to emit some strange grinding noises when a disc was inserted. We’re still not sure what the problem is, but thankfully Microsoft has since offered to replace these units as well as throw in a free game to appease gamers who might have been affected by the issue. However for those who do have these faulty units and are waiting on their replacements, a video has surfaced where it shows that the age old trick of slapping your computer, or Xbox One in this case, works.

According to the poster of the video, this method was apparently taken off some forum and he proceeds to demonstrate that it actually works. This involves flipping the Xbox One around and hitting it a few times around the area where the Blu-Ray disc is located. Apparently some gear is not aligned within the Xbox One, hence the weird grinding noises. Surprisingly this worked and while we’re not sure if this is a permanent solution or if it will work for everyone, perhaps you could give it a go, although we strongly advice against it since there could be other components you could damage in the process. Anyone else can confirm that this works for them?

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