The Microsoft Xbox One launches today and while we hoped for the sake of gamers that the console would not run into any issues like what the Sony PlayStation 4 did with its blue light of death, that unfortunately does not appear to be the case. According to several YouTube videos which have made its way onto the internet, it seems that early Xbox One gamers are reporting that their Blu-Ray drives are failing. The videos more or less depict the same problem where the disc is inserted before we can hear some kind of rattling noise, almost as if a component is loose or stuck, which is definitely not the kind of noise you want to hear from your brand new console.

It is unclear how widespread this issue is, especially since the console will be released today, but for now the smattering of reports and videos we are seeing is definitely slightly disturbing. Sony claims that the blue light of death currently affects less than 1% of total units, so hopefully Microsoft will be able to shed some light on these issues before it gets out of hand. In the meantime you can check out the videos above and below to get an idea of what sort of problems we are talking about.

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