hallBuyer beware should be the mantra for anyone who is about to part with his or her hard earned money, but there is also another lesson to be learned here – sometimes, we would not expect the craziest thing to happen, such as it did to Monica Hall. Hall dropped by her local AT&T store in order to purchase a hot selling and spanking new iPad Air on November 15th in Mesquite, Texas. After arriving home with her new purchase, she realized she could not load apps on it, or to lock it. After spending a fair number of hours with Apple Support via phone, the culprit of the situation was discovered – Hall had actually purchased a demo model of the iPad Air.


After spending more time with Apple Support to get it up and running properly, or so it seems, three days later Hall discovered that she had over 300 Apple employee contacts stashed away on her iPad. No biggie, right? Wrong! Whenever Hall synchronized her iTunes account to the iPad, accompanied by the rest of her cloud based content, the slew of information would end up on her iPhone, to. Wiping and restoring the phone is a no-no either, since iOS 7 happens to be incompatible with her company’s email system. The solution? To delete those names manually, one by one.

A lesson that all of us can pick up here would be, to always check out a new model by yourself before you leave the store. Turn it on, play with it, and one main telling feature would be, was it removed from a brand new, unopened box?

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