yahoo_voiceEarlier this month, Yahoo acquired a company known as SkyPhrase, a company which specalizes in natural language processing. While it was unclear as to what Yahoo had planned for the company, it was revealed in a video discovered by Android Police that it would seem as though Yahoo’s plans for the company would be to build their very own voice-controlled personal assistant, which unsurprisingly brings other assistants such as Apple’s Siri to mind. Unfortunately the video itself is rather short and doesn’t really demonstrate the app’s prowess, but based on what we can see, we can look forward to the usual features, such as travel, traffic, weather, restaurant locations, and etc.


Now the next question would be when could we be seeing this app launched? Will this be a completely separate app on its own, or could it be integrated into existing Yahoo apps? More importantly can we expect this to arrive on a variety of platforms? Given that Yahoo would be more of a Google competitor rather than an Apple rival, it would be safe to assume that this new feature of Yahoo could potentially be a rival to Google Now, but we suppose we will have to see its final implementation to get a better idea of it.

Update – As it turns out the app is reportedly not made by Yahoo.

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