People at Microsoft who were critical for the Kinect project are often referred to as the “fathers of Kinect,” and Alex Kipman is believed to be one such individual. Having already worked at Microsoft for the creation of Kinect as well as Windows Ultimate Edition, it is now reported that Kipman has been assigned the task of working on Redmond’s wearable devices. Folks at The Verge have heard that his team is involved in testing and customizing Windows on prototypes of wearable devices. Redmond is believed to be working on its very own smartwatch as well as a Google Glass rival.

Kipman and his team are said to be testing various prototypes so that it can be decided if it makes sense to bring these devices out of the prototype stage and turn them into a real product. One such prototype is believed to be Kinect Glasses a.k.a Project Fortaleza, described as “breakthrough heads-up and hands-free device” with augmented reality and Wi-Fi or 4G support. So far Microsoft has been mum about its wearable device plans. 2014 is believed to be a big year for these devices, with both Apple and Samsung expected to release new wearable devices. Google is set to make waves too, it plans to ship Google Glass to the public next year.

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