There are quite a few companies who are working on their own wearable technology similar to the Google Glass, and it appears Microsoft may be throwing their hat in the ring as well. According to a report published by the Wall Street Journal, Microsoft is in the process of testing prototypes for what is being described as “internet-connected eyewear,” which should obviously mean their own pair of Google Glass.

At this time, details are scarce as to what exactly this product could be, if something like this even exists at Microsoft’s headquarters. If Microsoft is in the process of creating a Google Glass competitor, it could certainly make things more interesting for the wearable tech community as we’re sure even more companies would be considering their own version of whatever Microsoft releases. Although on the other hand, Canalys analyst Daniel Matte believes smart eyewear is likely to remain a niche category for at least the next three to five years.

If Microsoft does release something similar to Google Glass, we’re hoping whatever software ends up running on the devices are a little more fine tuned than Windows 8.1 was. Sure – it’s working great for a large majority of users, but we certainly feel the pain of you Surface RT owners out there.

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