Nokia Ad Depicts Tough Phone QualityBack in the day, Nokia happened to be the 800lbs gorilla where mobile phones were concerned, and it seemed as though they could not put a foot wrong at all, being the main trendsetter and all that jazz. How the tables have turned over the years, but at least, they are doing a whole lot better than BlackBerry, as the latter seemed to have cornered just a few markets worldwide, dying a slow death. One thing that you have to hand over to Nokia for doing well, and that is the build quality of their phones, so much so that some classic handsets like the Nokia 3310 has become a famous meme breeding ground.

In one ad from Nokia, it depicts how Nokia has put through its low end Asha range to a whole lot of beatings and basically, a tough existence for any smartphone to follow through and emerge unscathed. I guess that the promo video has a certain element of truth to a degree, as Nokia has shown in the past how they used durable materials and manufacturing practices to churn out a longer lasting chassis in the long run. What are some of your most memorable moments with a Nokia handset, and do you agree that they generally last longer than other makes?

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