ptchWhat happens when you are a large company, and have money to spare and yet want to fend off all of the little biters that swarm below you, who hope to get a piece of the action as well? Well, you either develop new technologies and advancements to stay ahead of the curve, or if you see something that you like below you, how about dangling a tempting carrot and hoping that they will bite? Yahoo! is in the news yet again, and they have just acquired the Dreamworks-backed social-video app Ptch. According to Ptch, this integration of their technology will be implemented so that Yahoo’s photo and video platforms will be improved, and you have until January 2, 2014 to download your creations from the website or app.

When the calendar turns to January 3, you would be all out of luck then, since that is when Ptch would close down. Ptch’s made a statement after news of the acquisition broke out, saying, “We launched Ptch just over a year ago. Our passion and our mission was to give you the best way to make and share beautiful movies made from the photos and videos on your phone. Well, someone noticed! Today, we’re excited to announce that Ptch will be joining Yahoo! As part of the Yahoo team, we’ll be able to focus our efforts and leverage our technology to make Yahoo’s photo and video platforms the best in the world. As part of this transition, Ptch will shut down on January 2, 2014. Until then, you can download your ptches on or save them to your camera roll from the Ptch app on your phone.” [Press Release]

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